The conditions of the current Test-Arenas are changing due to the testing and details may be different than described on this page. Please follow our Twitter for latest updates. Once the testing is done we will update every detail of this page.

HODL Toys, engage in battles, win profits!

Alchemy Arena is a battle game, where a player competes with sets (HANDs) of his Alchemy Toys Cards (TOYS) against other players for attractive rewards.

The game offers additional revenue stream for users just for having and holding valuable TOYS (low serial numbers and high level TOYS) while introducing a deflationary dynamic for GAT token and securing it’s liquidity on the market.

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Creating HANDs

A HAND is an NFT itself – it holds 5 TOYs of your choice

The player needs at least 5 TOYS cards to participate in the game, which he can get at or any secondary NFT market like MintedVodka or Bakery.

The player creates a HAND with 5 TOYS of his choice. The TOYS are locked in the HAND and cannot be used on AlchemyToys, sold or locked in other HANDs. The HAND’s strength is a sum of TOYS values, which is derived from:

  • serial number: lower serial = older = stronger
  • level: higher level = stronger
  • type: special cards might have special abilities, strengthening the HAND in certain cases

The Arenas

A HAND can participate in an Arena – a pool of other hands, where it competes against them.

The Entry Fee
The Entry Fee is what other players will get if they manage to beat your HAND. It is loaded into your HAND as loot and will be paid out to the winner in case your HAND is defeated.

The entry fee for the main Arena will be GAT.

A certain percentage (2%) of the fee is directly burned. Another 3% is paid to the affiliate (yes, we will have an affiliate system!). If there is no affiliate, the whole fee of 5% is burned. Hence, the loot attached to the HAND that can be won is 95% of the fee.


When entering an Arena, it is possible to power-up a HAND with experience points ( XP), which make it stronger above the standard HAND strength.

Playing HANDs

Contender vs defender.

Any owner of a HAND can challenge a random HAND from the pool of all active HANDs in the Arena. The HAND of the owner is called the attacker or contender. The randomly selected HAND is a defender.

This means that the game can be played passively, by just holding HANDs in an Arena. However, the winnings are then a bit smaller (see below).

Winning a Challenge

The strength of both hands and a small chance factor (which can tilt the strength a little in either direction) determines who wins.

The winner gets the loot of the losers HAND (95% of the GAT fees paid to enter the Arena).

Both owners receive experience tokens ( XP) for the challenge in relation to the enemy’s HAND strength. These can be spent later to increase/boost the strength when entering an Arena with other HANDs.

The defeated HAND is burned (only the HAND, not the TOYs) and loses one random (or weakest, depending on the Arena) TOY. The other 4 TOYS are transferred back to the defeated HAND’s owner.

If the attacker is the winner, he captures the lost TOY from the defender. It is transferred to the winning player. If the defender is the winner, the TOY is not captured, but burned.

The strength of the winner’s HAND decreases temporarily and is restored slowly with each passing block.

Win-Win Game Dynamics

Why should the parties participate and what do they gain from this new expansion of Alchemy Toys?

Alchemy Toys Players

New TOYS and GAT use-cases!

The players get an additional use-case for their TOYS. Not everyone will have time and resources to spend in order to win Alchemy Toys.

Additionally, all the special, old and high level TOYS have much more value in the Arena, increasing their time value dramatically and giving a reason to exist for the special TOYS (that do not have any function in Alchemy Toys right now). It must be mentioned here, that certain TOYs will have special abilities in attack/defense (more will disclosed step-by-step in the future).

Also: The GAT holders can spend their tokens for something else apart of staking them at Alchemy Toys.

Passive looting
Even if a player is not challenging, but his active HANDs are challenged by others and win the encounters, he gets the attacker’s loot.

In a sense, locking GAT loot in a HAND and receiving rewards for keeping the HAND in the Arena, is a kind of passive staking, where the player receives more GAT on top of that.

Active challenging
Being the active attacker has several benefits:

  • If you win, you get one of the defender’s TOYS.
  • If your HAND is powerful, you can earn loot faster, since you do not have to wait for a random chance to be selected from the pool of all active HANDs.

Boost your hand with Special Toys!

As announced before Special Toys will have a use case in Alchemy Arena! The first Arena will use around 8 Special Toys – each of them will have another super-power to strengthen your hand! Upcoming Arenas will use further Special Toys.

Today we start to disclose which power the Special Toys will have. You might want to get yourself one or another Special Toy. They are available for example in Treasury Deals at Minted Vodka. The earnings from these Deals flow 100% into the Alchemy Toys Treasury.

Low serial numbers have a slight advantage as with Toys in general – but not too big.

Godhood Token:                                                
20% higher XP reward when winning a challenge

Unlimited but very rare since only winners of Alchemy Toys can mint it.

The Dragonslayer:
10% power boost for defenders in a challenge                                         

Unlimited but rare. Melt 2 Golden Dragons to get receive a Dragonslayer.

Artificial Heart
The challenge loser keeps his Toys (regardless which side holds the Heart)

Limited to 99 pieces

lore ipsum

William Snakespeare                                            
If the defender wins, he gets the attackers TOY (instead of burning it)

Only 99 pieces exist

Pocket Rocket

Add up to +10% more power-up than maximally allowed when entering an Arena

Very rare, only 77 pieces exist

Oldschool GPS
Attacker backs-off from challenge, if the defender is 50% stronger than attacker’s hand

Limited to 111 pieces

lore ipsum


Defender gets ~19% of his entry fee back if his hand loses.

Only 111 pieces exist

Alchemy Arena

Doubles rewards from keeping (staking) a Hand in an Arena.

Limited to 999 pieces

Golden Dragon
25% entry fee refund when manually un-staking / leaving the Arena

unlimited, but rare – it´s the only level 7 Toy

lore ipsum

Seeds of Time

30% faster/shorter cooldown for defending Hands in Alchemy Arena

Only 111 pieces exist