Arena – Play To Earn with Locked Liquidity

This is a small update regarding the upcoming Alchemy Arena launch. There are actually three small announcements.

1. Meet the XP token (you earn XPs in Arena battles and burn them when you want to power-up the strength of your HAND when you enter an Arena). Future games may also use XPs that you “earn” during the gameplay:

2. When you enter an Arena with a HAND, the fee that you pay (the loot of your HAND) is just GAT tokens (not GAT-BNB LPs as originally planned). After running quite a few simulations and models we regard this as a better alternative. It makes participation and entrance much easier. As you may remember from the Alchemy Arena page: 2%-5% of the GAT fee that you pay is burned forever. This is the first deflationary use-case of GAT.

3. We want to push Arena more in the direction of a true “play to earn” game. In that regard it has been decided to create a liquidity pool for XP tokens and lock at least 100BNB of liquidity. This sets directly an initial value for the tokens. We have simulated many models to calculate a fair value of XP tokens (regarding its relations to TOYs, GATs and BNB) – the initial XP pool price will be very attractive compared to the fair price (you will want to have some of those XPs 😉 , NFA! ). Later on the markets decide.

The development is progressing fast. Stay tuned for more!


Background information

Gat Network is a web of connected NFT trading & gaming projects – launched in early 2021 by a fully transparent team/company in Germany.

We have already launched several projects live on BSC (fully audited):

  • Assets Exchange Minted Vodka – trade anything for anything
  • Alchemy Toys – p2e game
  • Alchemy Arena – p2e game
  • TOY NFTs – collectible NFTs used in all games
  • GAT – limited, deflationary, low-cap, multi-use-case token
  • Game Ace -the world´s first NFT playable as retro video games

GAT Network is funded and has a long-term cross-chain vision for NFT trading & gaming centered around GAT and the highly flexible Minted Vodka exchange. We refrain from hypes and pump & dump mentality and concentrate fully on building great technology and on organic growth.

Start here is you want to learn more or watch a Video to get an overview.


Contract address GAT:

CEX: please check this link for the current CEX listings

Liquidity: Pancake Swap / Bakery Swap



Telegram Info:

Telegram Community:

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Published On: August 6, 2021Categories: Alchemy Arena, GAT, Update