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GAT Network Update *October*

A lot happened in October - if you didn´t had the time to follow GAT Network´s activities closely here is a retrospective for October:   Cross-chain GAT and NFTs: Bridge to Ethereum and Polygon goes live The waiting was definitely worth it! The new bridge infrastructure that has been developed  [...]

November 9, 2021|Featured, Uncategorized, Update|

Your feedback on Alchemy Arena – win a prize!

The Arena has been in Beta for some time, but now we'd like your feedback before we make changes for future Arenas please! There's a prize available too! 😊 Please use this GoogleForm 👇🙏

October 16, 2021|Alchemy Arena|

GAT Bridge goes live

The waiting was definitely worth it! The new bridge infrastructure that has been developed and deployed will allow us to easily add new chains and serve as a basis for upcoming features in a multi-chain environment. Where can I find the bridge? The bridge has been integrated into the [...]

October 14, 2021|Featured, Game Ace, GAT, News, Uncategorized|

First Game Ace cartridge bridged to POLYGON and listed at OpenSea!

After we bridged the first Game Ace cartridge to Ethereum yesterday - we used our new bridge now to bridge to Polygon for the first time! Originally this NFT was created at the BSC. Another milestone for GAT Network! Due to that it is now possible to trade Game Ace [...]

October 14, 2021|Game Ace, News|

First Game Ace cartridge bridged to ETHEREUM and listed at OpenSea!

GAT Network achieved another milestone and used it´s new bridge for the first time! A Game Ace cartridge (originally existing at Binance Smart Chain) has been bridged to the Ethereum Network! Due to that it is now possible to trade Game Ace cartridges at Ethereum based Marketplaces like OpenSea - [...]

October 13, 2021|Game Ace, News|

GAT Network Update *September/October*

There are many projects in the crypto space and their number is growing every day. Most crypto enthusiasts are interested in more than one project. But how to keep track on the activities of your favourite projects? If you are having a life that includes family, job, friends and hobbies [...]

October 12, 2021|Featured, Uncategorized, Update|

GAT Network launches Business Development program

In order to expand the audience of the project and find partnerships for mutual benefits, GAT Network launches a business development program. To begin a conversation with potential partners we start to work with some carefully chosen business developers. Possible cooperations are for example custom Arenas for other projects [...]

October 6, 2021|News|

Around 9,000 GAT added to the community wallet

Since liquidity at Bakery Swap is very healthy Bakery pulled some GAT/ BNB from the pool & returned the GAT to us 😀 They are at the community wallet now It will be used for challenges, giveaways, community events... ☺️

October 1, 2021|GAT, News|

WGAT – Cross-Chain GAT and Bridging

Dear community, it has been announced several weeks ago that we would have a Bridge to Ethereum (and back) ready for GameAce cartridges by the end of September. (Update Oct., 14th: it will also be possible to bridge to Polygon!) We need to adjust this plan: the bridge will be [...]

September 29, 2021|Game Ace, GAT, Minted Vodka, News, Update|
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