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Token burning of GAT Network ongoing

The burning of GAT Network´s token is ongoing - you can check the latest numbers any time here: GAT XP Toys NFTs Happy burning 🔥😊

September 22, 2021|GAT, News|

Information Starter Pack for GAT Network Newbies

Before you jump into the GAT Network please do some research and understand how it works. It requires some reading but this time is well invested if you want to engage with the different parts of the project. We gathered some information for starters here - also reading through the [...]

September 21, 2021|Alchemy Toys, GAT, Minted Vodka|

What happens to GAT holdings of the GAT Network DevTeam?

You wonder what will happen after the private GAT funds of GAT Network Dev Team will be unlocked this winter? We can tell you already that everyone can relax since nothing will change. The funds are locked behind a legal contract which only permits use of them until end-June 2022 [...]

September 17, 2021|GAT, News|

Second Generation Arenas and Hands

Over the past few weeks we have been watching the gameplay and collecting feedback from Arena players. Testing myriad of strategies and settings for the new, fairer and more balanced Arena types. Finally, we have a new generation (v2) of Hands and Arenas that we want to release this week. [...]

September 15, 2021|Alchemy Arena, Update|


    The Tokenomics of GAT are fundamental different to most farm or meme tokens and therefore don´t allow for buybacks at the moment. The total supply is very limited - GAT is even deflationary. As you know revenues flow directly into Alchemy Toys treasury and therefore back to the [...]

September 13, 2021|GAT|

Building Arenas: Anatomy of P2E Games

Dear Alchemists, you may have noticed that the current setup of the Test Arenas at Alchemy Arena does quite well. There are hundreds of staked HANDs and also a bunch of daily challenges going on. More than 0.15% of all existing GATs have been burned in the few weeks [...]

September 9, 2021|Alchemy Arena, Featured, Update|

Collectors meet CryptoSnake – next member of the Game Ace Family

Soon, a new NFT game cartridge will join the GameAce collectibles family. Have a look at the preview of the CryptoSnake! Every NFT has unique features  Minted amount (plan): 111 Release date: to be announced As always: TOY power-ups / cheats are available

September 8, 2021|Game Ace, News|

BSC Birthday Expo by Dvision starts today!

The Binance Smart Chain birthday Expo by Dvision starts today!    The virtual event will take place in the special Binance Hall within the Dvision Network’s metaverse. It will last for six days, from the 8th to the 13th of September, with 4 to 5 hours of rewarding, educational, and exciting [...]

September 8, 2021|News, Partnership|

The GAT-Way of Building – What to expect/ Update

Dear Community, A lot of new people joined lately but due to our workload we don´t have much time to communicate directly. Also it´s been a while since our last general update. Time to give an insight to our current thoughts and plans: It has been less than 4 months [...]

September 8, 2021|GAT, Update|
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