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Use our innovative gaming NFTs for your brand!

Don’t create just another NFT collection of images – create something different and unique with us!

GameAce is a technology for creating world’s first NFTs that you can actually play as retro video games. You may know NFTs as images, videos, music – now you can have NFTs as playable game cartridges – the first of its kind. A piece of NFT / crypto history.

Several games have already been released: like Doggies Moon Chase or CryptoSnake. Every game cartridge, even for the same game, is unique: each one offers a slightly different gaming experience to the players!

We offer this technology to our partners to collaborate on the release of new games. Depending on your aims, several focuses are possible here, for example:

  • Promote your brand (create a retro game with your brand)
  • Revenue through NFT sales (on Minted Vodka or other markets)
  • Use these NFTs as giveaways, marketing tools or staking reward

GameAce NFT cartridges are cross-chain!

GameAce NFTs meet the NFT standards BEP-721/ERC-721 and can be traded on other NFT marketplaces beyond Minted Vodka.

Minted Vodka offers a bridge for the users to move these NFTs from one chain/network (currently Binance Smart Chain and Ethereum are supported).

Launch your own p2e Game without any development

Users play for your tokens  – Gamified Farming or Farming 2.0

Alchemy Arena is an engaging fully on-chain battle game, where users play using the TOYs NFTs. It has an active component where users challenge each other, but also a passive component, where the users benefit from being a part of an Arena by staking Hands (similar to classical token farming). Arenas can be configured to match your token and your objectives.

We can set up a custom Arena for your brand to entertain your community!

Both, NFTs and coins, can be used as passive staking rewards. Coins can be used as entry fees and active challenge rewards. Entry fees that can be partially split into:

  • Active challenge rewards
  • Affiliate share
  • Burning
  • Your share

Arenas bring an engaging and fun way to distribute your tokens.