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Minted Vodka Roadmap: Part 1

This will be a series of posts discussing our vision of MintedVodka (MV) and the direction it will take in the upcoming weeks and months. I will try to illustrate our perception of the current state of the crypto-landscape in general and where we map MV on that landscape. MintedVodka was always planned as a central piece of GAT Network, which is just a small corner of a much bigger meta-verse. Metaphorically speaking, we see the Binance Smart Chain like a crypto-country in a world of many other "countries" like Ethereum, Avalanche and others. Following the same metaphor, the current [...]

By |October 19, 2021|Categories: GAT, Minted Vodka, News|Comments Off on Minted Vodka Roadmap: Part 1

GAT Bridge goes live

The waiting was definitely worth it! The new bridge infrastructure that has been developed and deployed will allow us to easily add new chains and serve as a basis for upcoming features in a multi-chain environment. Where can I find the bridge? The bridge has been integrated into the MintedVodka and can be accessed from the "Bartender Tools" or with this direct link:  Please be aware that we had to activate multi-chain support on MintedVodka to allow bridging from other neworks back to BSC. You can easily switch between networks in your wallet, as long as you are [...]

By |October 14, 2021|Categories: Featured, Game Ace, GAT, News, Uncategorized|Comments Off on GAT Bridge goes live

Around 9,000 GAT added to the community wallet

Since liquidity at Bakery Swap is very healthy Bakery pulled some GAT/ BNB from the pool & returned the GAT to us 😀 They are at the community wallet now It will be used for challenges, giveaways, community events... ☺️

By |October 1, 2021|Categories: GAT, News|Comments Off on Around 9,000 GAT added to the community wallet

WGAT – Cross-Chain GAT and Bridging

Dear community, it has been announced several weeks ago that we would have a Bridge to Ethereum (and back) ready for GameAce cartridges by the end of September. (Update Oct., 14th: it will also be possible to bridge to Polygon!) We need to adjust this plan: the bridge will be slightly delayed and become available earliest by the end of the next week. We do have good reasons for the delay, though, that you will find very exciting ! Instead of going the easy road and have a half-baked solution for GameAce only, we have invested work to make a [...]

By |September 29, 2021|Categories: Game Ace, GAT, Minted Vodka, News, Update|Comments Off on WGAT – Cross-Chain GAT and Bridging

CryptoSnake staking is live! 🐍🔥

Stake your GAT to earn the second Game Ace NFT cartridge! 500 staked GATs will get you a random CryptoSnake NFTCartridge in 30 days. APR 148% (calculated with current GAT price and the lowest offer of 0.5 BNB for the game on Minted Vodka). 500 NFTCartridge will be added to the pool. You need to harvest the first NFT once earned in order to continue earning the next one. Total supply CryptoSnake: 555 NFTs - each and every one absolutely unique! This is the first Coin -> NFT (C2N) farm of its kind. More farms will be added in the [...]

By |September 23, 2021|Categories: Game Ace, GAT, News|Comments Off on CryptoSnake staking is live! 🐍🔥

Token burning of GAT Network ongoing

The burning of GAT Network´s token is ongoing - you can check the latest numbers any time here: GAT XP Toys NFTs Happy burning 🔥😊

By |September 22, 2021|Categories: GAT, News|Comments Off on Token burning of GAT Network ongoing

Information Starter Pack for GAT Network Newbies

Before you jump into the GAT Network please do some research and understand how it works. It requires some reading but this time is well invested if you want to engage with the different parts of the project. We gathered some information for starters here - also reading through the website and visit our social channels (links below) is a wise idea. What is GAT Network? Official Website:   Ways to profit In general there are several ways to profit from the ecosystem: Collect and Play Collect Toys and play the Alchemy Toys game to earn from the treasury! [...]

By |September 21, 2021|Categories: Alchemy Toys, GAT, Minted Vodka|Comments Off on Information Starter Pack for GAT Network Newbies

What happens to GAT holdings of the GAT Network DevTeam?

You wonder what will happen after the private GAT funds of GAT Network Dev Team will be unlocked this winter? We can tell you already that everyone can relax since nothing will change. The funds are locked behind a legal contract which only permits use of them until end-June 2022 for example to onboard key partners, for top-tier cex listing or similar important topics . This gives the team the freedom to use the funds for reasons to benefit the GAT project and GAT community even before end-June 2022. Because although these are private holdings of the founders (bought in [...]

By |September 17, 2021|Categories: GAT, News|Comments Off on What happens to GAT holdings of the GAT Network DevTeam?


    The Tokenomics of GAT are fundamental different to most farm or meme tokens and therefore don´t allow for buybacks at the moment. The total supply is very limited - GAT is even deflationary. As you know revenues flow directly into Alchemy Toys treasury and therefore back to the players or into the liquidity at PCS which is a benefit for investors. We only had earnings from IDO and Game Ace launch (here we shared with the partners). This money flows 100% into the company to secure longterm development. Investors expect us to secure financial security to enable longterm [...]

By |September 13, 2021|Categories: GAT|Comments Off on Buyback?
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