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Almost 9 BNB won in latest round of Alchemy Toys

Last night another epoch of the Alchemy Toys Blockchain Game ended and a Treasury of around 10 BNB was split! One of yesterdays winners took home a modest 4.99 BNB!  2nd winner earned 1.99 BNB, GAT Stakers 2.18 BNB & the Prophet 0.1 BNB According to the game´s logic the pot was split between the enlightened Players, the Shamans ( = Stakers) and the Prophet. 15% remained in the Treasury for the new epoch.   The new treasury is already at 6.7 BNB and growing. Since Players don´t lose their progress when an epoch ends, they can simply go on [...]

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Alchemy Toys drops free NFTs

  The "Toys" NFTs minted while playing Alchemy Toys are not only used in this Blockchain Game, but are also unique collectibles and being traded at the innovative NFT Marketplace "Minted Vodka" Now a new class of Toys NFTs emerged: Special Toys Few Special Toys can be minted using hidden recipes in Alchemy Toys. Others can only be won in challenges. What they have in common is their rarity and that they are nor easily available. Yesterday a new Special Toy appeared: The "Artificial Heart"  (limited to 99 pieces) Celebrating the anniversary of the world´s  first self-contained Artificial Heart Transplant [...]

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New Partnership with BakerySwap

AlchemyToys announces a new partnership with BakerySwap. The agreement includes: an NFT shop at BakerySwap where TOYs NFTs can be traded a limited high-reward TOYs staking opportunity at BakerySwap where users get rewarded in GAT for staking TOYs of level 2 or higher These things should go live very soon - a separate announcement will be made! AlchemyToys hopes to keep a long & productive relationship with BakerySwap to promote and push TOYs and other NFTs on the Binance Smart Chain. Bakery Swaps also published an article on this collaboration. You can find it here  

By |July 2, 2021|Categories: Alchemy Toys, GAT, Press Release|Comments Off on New Partnership with BakerySwap
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