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GAT Network Update *October*

A lot happened in October - if you didn´t had the time to follow GAT Network´s activities closely here is a retrospective for October:   Cross-chain GAT and NFTs: Bridge to Ethereum and Polygon goes live The waiting was definitely worth it! The new bridge infrastructure that has been developed  will allow us to easily add new chains and serve as a basis for upcoming Minted Vodka features in a multi-chain environment. We have added 3 initial networks to the bridge: Binance Smart Chain, Ethereum and Polygon. Other networks can be added fast and with relatively low effort in the future. Ethereum and Polygon [...]

By |November 9, 2021|Categories: Featured, Uncategorized, Update|Comments Off on GAT Network Update *October*

GAT Network Update *September/October*

There are many projects in the crypto space and their number is growing every day. Most crypto enthusiasts are interested in more than one project. But how to keep track on the activities of your favourite projects? If you are having a life that includes family, job, friends and hobbies it´s nearly impossible to follow what is going on at your favourite crypto projects. We from GAT Network know the problem and would like to make it easier to keep track of our work. Therefore we will give you a summary of our recent activities on a regular basis. Today [...]

By |October 12, 2021|Categories: Featured, Uncategorized, Update|Comments Off on GAT Network Update *September/October*

WGAT – Cross-Chain GAT and Bridging

Dear community, it has been announced several weeks ago that we would have a Bridge to Ethereum (and back) ready for GameAce cartridges by the end of September. (Update Oct., 14th: it will also be possible to bridge to Polygon!) We need to adjust this plan: the bridge will be slightly delayed and become available earliest by the end of the next week. We do have good reasons for the delay, though, that you will find very exciting ! Instead of going the easy road and have a half-baked solution for GameAce only, we have invested work to make a [...]

By |September 29, 2021|Categories: Game Ace, GAT, Minted Vodka, News, Update|Comments Off on WGAT – Cross-Chain GAT and Bridging

What about Marketing?

Marketing is a topic coming up regularly at the community. Especially when somebody is not satisfied with the performance of token or products. And yes, Marketing is important. But we should talk about different forms of marketing, expectations, reality and what can be done. It´s going to be a long article - make sure you read till the end please - it´s important. Expectations Reading some comments one can get the impression that there must exist some kind of magic marketing that will do the job over night. That, if only a project pays banners, influencers, shillers, news outlets etc. [...]

By |September 19, 2021|Categories: Update|Comments Off on What about Marketing?

Second Generation Arenas and Hands

Over the past few weeks we have been watching the gameplay and collecting feedback from Arena players. Testing myriad of strategies and settings for the new, fairer and more balanced Arena types. Finally, we have a new generation (v2) of Hands and Arenas that we want to release this week. It is important to note that the second generation Arenas will only work with second generation Hands. If you have an existing Hand, all you need to do is to fold and re-create it. All new Hands created after the launch will be v2. So what exactly has changed? v2 [...]

By |September 15, 2021|Categories: Alchemy Arena, Update|Comments Off on Second Generation Arenas and Hands

Building Arenas: Anatomy of P2E Games

Dear Alchemists, you may have noticed that the current setup of the Test Arenas at Alchemy Arena does quite well. There are hundreds of staked HANDs and also a bunch of daily challenges going on. More than 0.15% of all existing GATs have been burned in the few weeks since the launch of the public alpha test. Meanwhile we monitor the gameplay on our side and run checks and tests to ensure stability. In parallel we continue working on possible future Arena configurations and simulating many models and ideas. Some of you have communicated concerns about what will happen [...]

By |September 9, 2021|Categories: Alchemy Arena, Featured, Update|Comments Off on Building Arenas: Anatomy of P2E Games

The GAT-Way of Building – What to expect/ Update

Dear Community, A lot of new people joined lately but due to our workload we don´t have much time to communicate directly. Also it´s been a while since our last general update. Time to give an insight to our current thoughts and plans: It has been less than 4 months since we started to publish GAT-Network DApps on BSC mainnet. In this time we have achieved a lot: launched Alchemy Toys Game launched GAT token launched Minted Vodka NFT Market conducted successful audits for all DApps successful IDO CEX listing launched Alchemy Arena Game installed a deflationary use case for [...]

By |September 8, 2021|Categories: GAT, Update|Comments Off on The GAT-Way of Building – What to expect/ Update

GameAce Flash Sale Is Over

The flash sale of the world's first NFT that you can play as a retro video game is over at BakerySwap! We minted the high number of 999 Cartridges to be able to surprise collectors with a burn event! Game Ace sold quicker than expected (1 BNB per Cartridge) and so we decided that all cartridges left at 12pm UTC will be burned (235 in total). This way scarcity and value is increased which will be better for trades at the secondary market. If you couldn´t buy in the main sale take a look at Minted Vodka to find a [...]

By |September 6, 2021|Categories: Game Ace, News, Update|Comments Off on GameAce Flash Sale Is Over

Alchemy Arena – Learning & Building

Dear Arena Testers, these have been intense days for us all. In the past days we have tested a variety of configurations and, with your help, collected a myriad of data and received very valuable feedback. Now comes the time to analyze the learnings and use them for the new Arenas. In the next weeks we will refine our models with the collected data/input and revamp Alchemy Arena for a beta version. Be aware that “NFT Gaming” or “Blockchain Gaming” is a very new field and has its own very specific dynamics. While blockchains have been around for years, computer [...]

By |August 26, 2021|Categories: Alchemy Arena, Update|Comments Off on Alchemy Arena – Learning & Building

Arena Update: a shift in winning probabilities

Dear players, As our alpha testing phase continues while we are trying to find a more fair and balanced game rules, we keep making adjustments to the current Arenas to see how it affects the engagement. Today, in order to make the game fairer for new players and those with medium strong HANDs, we are changing the rule how the winner is calculated from absolute terms (if your HAND is stronger you win) to relate terms: If your HAND is stronger, you will have higher probability of winning. What this means, for example, is that a HAND with the current [...]

By |August 25, 2021|Categories: Alchemy Arena, Update|Comments Off on Arena Update: a shift in winning probabilities
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