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Launch of new Arenas

Dear Alchemy Arena players! As the test on the Test Arena progresses and the gameplay is more stable, we are ready to launch two 2nd-generation Arenas to cover the demands and needs of new players with weaker hands, and the more experienced players: Small arena: the arena has lower staking rewards and lower entry fee. It does not allow any special TOYS and the loser loses a random TOYS card from the HAND. Both measures should prevent overly strong HANDs joining the Arena. Big arena: is very similar to the Test arena: all special TOYS with their abilities are [...]

By |August 22, 2021|Categories: Alchemy Arena, Update|Comments Off on Launch of new Arenas

Ongoing Alpha Test of Arena

Dear Testers, We are in public alpha testing phase. Not only technical side is tested and debugged, but also the gameplay/economical side of the Test Arena. We are monitoring both and have possibilities to make all the necessary adjustments in the near future. We thank everyone for your feedback. We are working on making the game experience even more balanced in the near future. This is just a start. Alchemy Arena is a framework. It is not just a single game or a single "Arena". There will be different arenas with different conditions and different styles of play in the [...]

By |August 20, 2021|Categories: Alchemy Arena, Update|Comments Off on Ongoing Alpha Test of Arena

Arena – Play To Earn with Locked Liquidity

This is a small update regarding the upcoming Alchemy Arena launch. There are actually three small announcements. 1. Meet the XP token (you earn XPs in Arena battles and burn them when you want to power-up the strength of your HAND when you enter an Arena). Future games may also use XPs that you "earn" during the gameplay: 2. When you enter an Arena with a HAND, the fee that you pay (the loot of your HAND) is just GAT tokens (not GAT-BNB LPs as originally planned). After running quite a few simulations and models we regard this as a [...]

By |August 6, 2021|Categories: Alchemy Arena, GAT, Update|Comments Off on Arena – Play To Earn with Locked Liquidity

40,000 GAT giveaway in Alchemy Arena

Note! These information is slightly outdated. Due to recent development around MEXC Global GAT Listing and the corresponding community poll, the amount of GAT giveaways after Alchemy Arena launch has been reduced to 26000 GAT. Read more here! Last week the founders of GAT Network have communicated that in scope of the IDO with BakerySwap it has been agreed to setup a liquidity pool after the IDO. Our company would provide 18,000 GAT, whereas the founders would donate all their currently available 50,000 GAT to the creation of the pool. On the other hand, BakerySwap [...]

By |July 22, 2021|Categories: Alchemy Arena, GAT, News, Update|Comments Off on 40,000 GAT giveaway in Alchemy Arena

Update: Toys Rarity and more…

Maybe you have already noticed: some very interesting metrics have been added at the Toys overview in the Alchemy Toys DApp. Let me quickly explain these a little: When you visit the DApp --> My Toys Deck --> and the click on Toys Stats you will find this view: (Desktop)   (Mobile) Not only do you have here an overview of all Toys that exist in the game (find Special Toys here) You also can explore some helpful statistics and filters.   In this example you can see that the rarity of the Black Queen in this moment is 2.1 [...]

By |July 9, 2021|Categories: Alchemy Toys, Update|Comments Off on Update: Toys Rarity and more…

Update: Review May/June & next steps

Dear Alchemists, We noticed that we have been very focused on product development and business operations lately. Time for an update! It might look like not much has happend, but we actually made important progress: NFT Exchange launch The beta version of our NFT exchange “Minted Vodka” it set to launch on June 28th. We really hope that Solidity Finance finished the audit by then as they promised because we would prefer to have their approval for the launch. Concerning the NFT exchange we set ourselves high goals in terms of functionality and features. Developing those took longer than the [...]

By |June 24, 2021|Categories: Update|Comments Off on Update: Review May/June & next steps
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