Empowering the GAT Community

Every game needs players, ever gameplay creates communities, groups, teams, tribes… At GAT Network we do not believe in micro-managing social interactions. We believe that the true strength behind GAT technology will shine only through a healthy, vibrant and independent community.

Community Overview

Channel Description
Twitter Official Twitter channel
Official GAT Network Telegram Info Channel Telegram GAT Network Info Channel
Official Telegram Minted Vodka Info Channel Telegram Minted Vodka Info Channel
Discord Official Discord Server (many channels for other languages)
Telegram (English) Main Channel Official Main Telegram channel, moderated
Telegram (English) Price Discussion Official price discussion channel, not moderated
Reddit Official Reddit community, community-moderated
Telegram (Chinese) 中文志愿者群组 Chinese main Telegram channel, community-moderated
Telegram (Chinese) Info Group 资讯汇总 Chinese info Telegram channel, community-moderated
GAT Network Tutorial (Chinese) 中文区教程 Community-managed Tutorial (GitHub)
TOYs Trading TG channel (Unofficial) Unofficial Telegram channel for TOYs trading, community-moderated
Spanish Telegram Group (Unofficial) GAT Network Español
Vietnamese Telegram Group Vietnamese TG Group (Unofficial)

If you have opened a related community (for example in your language), please let us know and we will add it to the list!


Community Management

Lead alchemists are as rare as gold !

GAT Network does not hire community managers nor moderators. Our philosophy is rather to empower communities and let the most senior alchemists take complete control in the groups.

The GAT Network team is working non-stop to expand the ecosystem and add additional layers of gameplay experience to the existing game dynamics. We also work hard to give you the necessary tools and information needed to stay up-to-date and communicate in a truthful, open and friendly manner.

In the near future the official channels will give engaged players and alchemists more and more powers and rights.

Listed Communities

Official and non-official channels

If you are an engaged player or investor and would like to create a focused community around GAT Network (or its parts) – you are most welcome to do so! For example, a community in a specific language.

While we don’t and won’t moderate nor monitor your channel(s), we still require you to follow basic guidelines, if you want your community to become listed (and remain listed). We will also list only active communities to prevent a crowded list of dormant groups.

Listed Community Guidelines

  • Ensure a respectful, open and fair environment
  • Distribute only truthful information regarding GAT topics, from official channels
  • Do everything possible to prevent SCAM and other attacks