Contract addresses of main tokens in the GAT Network

Token Network / Chain Address Description
GAT BNB Chain 0xf315cfc8550f6fca969d397ca8b807c5033fa122 Legacy coin of GAT Network
GATe BNB Chain 0x41d5c3ed01b72ecb5c99d3b838553098ecda9ef9 “extended” cross-chain GAT coin
GATe Ethereum 0x0A199B98fF450bBc883671382B21BDA3FA44b4Ae “extended” cross-chain GAT coin
GATe Polygon 0xEC0a873cdBE667E5bD68AF47932c948f872032d6 “extended” cross-chain GAT coin
GATe Telos 0xEC0a873cdBE667E5bD68AF47932c948f872032d6 “extended” cross-chain GAT coin
GATe Callisto 0x28436778c62e28A2865F0c000D426B554eBd834c “extended” cross-chain GAT coin
TOYs BNB Chain 0x14a62860de2Fdec247D48780ed110DBB794545d8 GAT Network NFTs for playing & collecting
XP BNB Chain 0xf7d2b88cdfcc3a12452c76be7455fe1fa7f48852 Experience Points (currently Arena only), coin
GA BNB Chain 0xff473df96251acffb0ae06fdaa51d33f1dafff7c GameAce NFT Cartridges
GA Ethereum 0xAA18e408A1806AA3aAACf4eDB7418534D612D1f0 GameAce NFT Cartridges
GA Polygon 0x55c000c100488624C2F6b43cFc0f680d2657933b GameAce NFT Cartridges
GA Telos 0xd0e32704746b6fb7fbc150182ca2dbf3aa88fb45 GameAce NFT Cartridges
GA Callisto 0x131867ad408A59eFDc78ca803a712e34A939Df71 GameAce NFT Cartridges