Important: In case you have an ENLIGHTENMENT TOKEN – DO NOT STAKE IT. You would not receive your part of the game Treasury. Read full explanation here

What is Alchemy Toys?

Alchemy Toys is an NFT Blockchain Game at the BNB Chain. The ecosystems´ token $GAT (pre-mined and limited to 1,000,000) is NOT necessary to play the game but can be staked at the DApp in order to earn $BNB from the game´s treasury.

It´s similar to the classic alchemy game in a multi-play version with collectible NFTs that are backed by real value – consisting of the growing game treasury. You collect token “cards” and “melt” them into new ones. A collection of all token types gives you a key to the treasury. When a single game (=epoch) is won by a player, the next one starts. For the new epoch you keep the cards that you have not used in the last one.

Alchemy Toys NFTs even serve as an example on the latest article on NFT by the Binance Academy. The unique “Toys” NFTs (BEP721) players mint in the game can be traded on any applying NFT Market and also at our own NFT Exchange “Minted Vodka”. This marketplace on the BNB Chain allows users to trade NFTs and Token in a revolutionary way and with very low to zero fees. Total flexibility: any combination of any crypto-asset on any side of a trade can be used – bid or ask.

Have the smart contracts been audited?

Yes, the smart contracts have been audited by the trusted service provider Solidity Finance. The results are positive and you can read the full report here https://solidity.finance/audits/AlchemyToys/

Where can I play Alchemy Toys?

Visit https://alchemytoys.com/ and connect your wallet (metamask, Trustwallet, Binance Wallet). Make sure you join BNB Chain (former Binance Smart Chain) and have some real $BNB available.

Can I play Alchemy Toys via phone?

If you would like to play Alchemy Toys via your phone – you can use the built-in Browser in Metamask or Trustwallet. Just visit https://alchemytoys.com/ (using the built in browser of your wallet)


To make sure the smart contracts works properly and secure for our players we conducted an audit at Solidity Finance. It was approved and you can read the report here https://solidity.finance/audits/AlchemyToys/

Where can I get help?

If you have questions or issues while playing the game we invite you to join our Discord or Telegram Group – you will find friendly, helpful people there.

Game Basics

How do I play Alchemy Toys?

Playing the game you can find your unique strategy.
Visit the game interface and choose 1 of 4 actions for your first turn. A player is allowed to take only 5 turns (1 turn = 1 action) every cycle.
Every cycle lasts at least 8 hours. There are four different actions to choose from.
Every turn costs a fee that is deposited into the temple’s treasury.
To win the game and get a share of the temple’s treasury a player has to collect at least one card (TOY) of each type (127 different Toys). He sacrifices them in order to attain enlightenment and win the epoch. Afterwards a new epoch starts.
An epoch is the sum of cycles that were needed for at least one player to win. There is no fixed amount of cycles for an epoch. An epoch can contain only a few cycles or quite a lot. We had epochs that lastest 2 days and epochs that lasted several weeks.

How to win Alchemy Toys?

Create one of the 127 different Toys Token each and sacrifice them all.
Become proclaimed as new Alchemy God and get your share of the Temple Treasure (in $BNB )

Who gets the Temple Treasure?

After one or more players (7 winners per epoch max.) won an epoch, the temple treasury is paid out to the entitled parties:
64% of the treasury to the enlightened winner(s)
20% of the treasury to the shamans – they are the stakers of the mystic GAT token
1% of the treasury to the prophet for his service of running the proclamation ritual
15% remain in the treasury for the next epoch

Somebody won the Treasury – does it make sense to keep playing?

You are playing Alchemy Toys and suddenly you notice the Treasury became smaller? This means that the last epoch ended because an enlightened Player was proclaimed by a Prophet.

I definitely doesn´t mean you lost anything! A new epoch started but for you didn´t change much – you kept all your Toys, all your sacrifices and progress.

The Treasury is building up again ( also 15% of the last epoch´s treasury remained for the new epoch). You can keep playing according to your strategy. When you come close to enlightenment ( = sacrified all 127 Toys) you can check the treasury again (if you like the size of it) before you sacrifice your last Toy. As soon as you become enlightened a whole Cycle ( around 8 hours) needs to pass before you can be proclaimed and so win the epoch. Notice that within that time more players can become enlightened (7 winners max.).

If there are several winners the gainings are split according to the sacrifice index (read more on that below).

Pro-tip 1: keep an eye on the Enlightenment section to see when a player got enlightened

Pro-tip 2: In “God´s history” you can check the Ascention transaction to see how the treasury has been split. In the below example 3.55 BNB/ 2.37 BNB were paid to the 2 winners, 1,85 BNB (20%) were shared among the GAT stakers (Shamans) and 0,09 BNB went to the prophet, who always get 1%. 15% of the total treasury remained there for the new epoch.

More than 1 winner? What is the sacrifice index?

The sacrifice index is the sum of the serial numbers of sacrificed Toys. If there are several winners of an epoch (a maxium of 7 winners per epoch), the Temple Treasure is split amongst them according to their sacrifice index. Lower index means that the player has sacrificed an older collection and is thus eligible for a bigger cut of the winnings. Means older Toys are more valuable!

Which (other) ways to profit from the game?

Collect and Play
Collect toys and play the highly addictive game to earn big chunks of the growing treasury!
The Toys gain value with time. Trade them at for example at our Marketplace “Minted Vodka” and invent unique profit-strategies!
Earn yields by staking your GAT tokens at the game’s temple!

What are Toys Token Cards?

There 127 different types of TOYS NFTs (ERC721 TOKEN) – divided into 7 different levels.
A level only shows how difficult the particular toy is to get:
1. Level: 64 different toy types
2. Level: 32 different toy types
3. Level: 16 different toy types
4. Level: 8 different toy types
5. Level: 4 different toy types
6. Level: 2 different toy types
7. Level: 1 single toy type
Each TOY is unique because they have a unique, incremental Serial Number (#).
Older tokens with lower Serial Number (#) are more valuable (read why at “Sacrifice Index”).
Toys are created by the actions “worship” (lower levels) and “melt” (higher levels).
To win the game a player must create one of each 127 different Toys (and sacrifice them all) .
When a Toy is used (in “sacrifice” or “melting”, see actions below), this NFT is burned forever.
Generally the value of a token is determined by its level (the higher the better) and its serial number (the lower the better).
You might also consider further factors like: TOYs gain value with time. TOYs have an intrinsic collectible value.

What are Special Toys?

Special Toys NFTs don´t have a function in the current game (some may have one in upcoming games) — but they are highly collectible. Unlike the game´s toys they are marked with a trophy symbol instead of level number next to the serial number (#). Also the lower end of the Special Toys is black. Over time more Special Toys will appear (63 different types in total). One way to get them is winning a Challenge or get an Airdrop… Sometimes they are also available at the Marketplace by people who have won them.
Find an overview here

What is a turn and which actions I can choose from?

Every player has 5 turns per cycle. Every turn costs a fee (read more in fees section below).
For each turn the player can decide between 4 actions:
Worship: get 3 random Toys (= mint 3 NFTs)
Melt: burn 2 Toys and get 1 better Toy (i.e. a Toy of a higher level)
Sacrifice: burn 1 Toy (to win an epoch you must sacrifice one of each 127 different Toys = burn 127 Toys. For every Toy you sacrifice you need 1 turn)
Proclamation: as soon as a player sacrificed 127 Toys he will receive an enlightenment Token in exchange. After this a whole cycle (8 hours) needs to pass. Then the first player to conduct the proclamation (of the enlightened player who wins now) serves as a prophet. The prophet receives 1% of the temple treasury for his/ her service.

What is a cycle?

Cycles are periods within epochs. A cycle lasts at least 8 hours.

What is an epoch?

An epoch is a whole game period which ends as soon there is at least 1 winner. Every epoch consists of many cycles (every cycle lasts at least 8 hours). Per cycle every player has 5 turns. There is no fixed amount of cycles per epoch. When any player wins the game (“attains enlightenment”), a new epoch is started for all players. For the new epoch you keep the cards and the sacrifice progress that you have not used in the last one.

Enlightened, Prophet, Alchemy God, Shaman?

A player can sacrifice tokens at any point. Once he has sacrificed at least one token of each type (127 different types), he automatically receives the ‘enlightenment’ token.
Now any player can assume the role of a prophet and proclaim the start of an ascension ritual (= proclamation action) when at least one ‘enlightenment’ token exists.
The proclamation burns the enlightenment tokens and gives the winners a new ‘Godhood’ token. The prophet gets paid for this service, of course. Be aware that there may exist more than one winner of an epoch . In that case the place of the winner is determined by the value of the sacrificed toys (the older, the better). Read the Sacrifice Index section above.
Shamans are the GAT stakers in the game (read below).

What happens when a new epoch starts?

The melting recipes are reset (i.e. the players need to find out again what token type is generated by combining two other) This makes every new epoch unpredictable and incentivises strategic hoarding of TOYS tokens by traders.
The treasury is paid out to the winners and the stakers.
Important: you do NOT lose the Toys or progress that you made when a new epoch starts – both is carried over to the new epoch.

After I became enlightened…

… will I have to sacrifice 127 different Toys again to become enlightened again or am I still enlightend the next epoch?

Once you have sacrificed 127 Toys, you get the “Enlightenment Token” and your sacrifices are reset. If you want to win another epoch afterwards you have to start from scratch and beome enlightend again.

The Enlightenment Token is replaced with Godhood token during the Proclamation Ritual started by a prophet. Being proclaimed as new Alchemy God means you win a part of the Temple Treasure. There can be a maximum of 7 winners each epoch.

Pro-tip: If you want to become proclaimed in a future epoch (maybe because you want to wait for a bigger treasure), then wait with your last sacrifices until you are ready so that you are not enlightened. Because once you sacrifice 127 Toys and get the Enlightenment Token, somebody will proclaim you as soon as a whole cycle passes without new enlightenments.

IMPORTANT: Players that didn´t get enlightened, do NOT lose the Toys or progress that they made when a new epoch starts – both is carried over to the new epoch.

How to find out a recipe for a Toy? And how to get bonus Toys…

Please check this Blogpost: https://gat.network/how-to-find-out-a-recipe-for-a-toy-and-how-to-get-bonus-toys/

Game Fees / Network Fees

Alchemy Toys is running on the BNB Chain which has one of the lowest network fees at the moment. By the time the game was created, the fees were set to a level below other popular Blockchain Games.
Fees are divided into network fees and turn fees. The network fees are paid to the BNB Chain for service. The turn fees flow 100% into the game treasury. The turn fees follow the network fees automatically. Means: lower network fees, lower turn fees and vice versa. This game logic is locked in the smart contract and cannot be influenced. It works automatically.
The turn fee for “Worship” and “Melt” is set as a multiple of the average transaction fees of the past cycle (x4 to be exact). At the time of this writing you would be paying around $5-7 (in BNB) to “worship” three NFT cards or melt two of the cards.

NFT Airdrops & Challenge Rewards

Playing the Alchemy Toys Blockchain Game you can participate in Challenges & NFT Airdrops to get your hands on rare NFTs and other precious rewards! Keep your eyes open for the Special Toys NFTs – you can collect them or sell them to other collectors at our innovative NFT Marketplace “Minted Vodka”.

GAT / Staking

What are GAT?

GAT (Game Ace Token) are pre-minted & limited to a total supply of 1,000,000 tokens. They are used to participate in the yield farming of Alchemy Toys & all related DApps.
GATs give you a way to participate in the financial dynamics of Alchemy Toys & earn rewards without the need to play the game directly. As a highly versatile DeFi-vehicle, they are a way to support the projects in an early stage & automatically secure financial payouts ad-infinitum.
The payouts are direct in the network’s (BNB Chain) underlying currency token (BNB). As with Toy NFTs, there is no pressure to sell the GATs to be able to profit economically, making the system’s financial dynamics more stable.
A staker can choose to lock his GATs in one of the projects to be able to participate in the yield farming. Future games are already in the planning phase, where the same tokens will be used. In Alchemy Toys you are required to stake your GAT for at least one full game epoch before you become eligible for rewards. The game rewards the staked GAT-owners proportionally to the stake’s size. 20% of the epoch’s treasury goes to GAT-stakers (we call them “shamans” in the game). This approach hinders pump&dump dynamics and gives the system more stability.

Where can I stake GAT?

You can stake your GAT at the shamans vault. They have to remain untouched for a whole epoch. From the next epoch on you (and other stakers) share 20% of the Temple Treasury.

Liquidity and price volatility of GAT

The idea is to have a progressive price model. As the game advances, the GATs at higher prices become more attractive. GATs value is anchored to the game’s treasury & is completely transparent. These payouts are being processed automatically by the execution of smart contracts & paid out in the networks currency BNB which is less prone to price fluctuations. Furthermore we will improve the transparency with more stats for the shamans to allow the market to find a fair price & balance quickly. Under this conditions it becomes a simple task to evaluate your desired ROI against the current price of GAT (in the exchange or on other markets). (DYOR/no financial advice) As long as the game is played, there will always be an anchor for GAT value.

Where can I verify contract addresses?


Where can I get updates?

Important updates will be found at the announcements channel in this Discord. Apart from that feel free to follow our twitter and turn on the notification bell if you like https://twitter.com/AlchemyToys
Of course there is also a Telegram group. You find all our social channels at the website.

Where can I find more information?

More information on the game https://gat.network/gat_network
For general information lease visit our website https://gat.network/