Create flexible deals on major L1/L2 networks! Bridge assets & wrap tokens without leaving Minted Vodka


Have your own Shop! Mint NFTs just-in-time, offer Mysteryboxes, Bulkdeals or Staking Opportunities


Mint NFTs as standalone video games! Create custom, transferrable collections. Sell your products/services as claimable NFTs (cNFT)

Independency & Future-proof

Minted Vodka v2 is heavily weighted towards creators, with added flexibility, and a range of different tools under development to allow creators to market and distribute their NFTs the way they like best.

At the core Minted Vodka is now a multi-chain platform, we are/ will be working together with other chains to bring their technology to creators. You no longer need to risk minting your NFTs on a chain that may become less relevant in the future – if you mint on Minted Vodka your creations will be able to bridge across to any supported chain. At launch Minted Vodka v2 supports BNB Chain, Polygon, and ETH, but there are more chains being added soon.

Multi-chain deals

Create super-flexible deals on major L1/L2 networks. Trade anything for anything in any amount thereof.

Maximal flexibility that molds to your needs, one step away from the planned cross-chain deals!

Bridge any asset, anywhere

Any digital art, products and services minted on MintedVodka can be directly bridged to all supported networks.

All the other digital values can be “bottled” and bridged with just a few additional clicks.

Token wrappers for all your needs

Convert and wrap tokens without leaving MintedVodka

Lock any combination of coins and NFTs, even those not minted here, in A BOTTLE that can be moved and traded on any network, even outside of MintedVodka.

Flexibility & Pro Features

Run auctions like a pro

Any amount of items, sold separately with random adjudication or all for the highest bidder.

Any network, any collection, flexible expiry dates, starting prices and price increments.

Beyond multi-chain capabilities, Minted Vodka v2 will offer unparalleled levels of flexibility on how creators’ NFTs are minted and sold.

NFTs can be minted in advance and sold individually, but creators will also be able to mint on demand, offer bulk deals, or blind boxes, they will be able to offer at a fixed price, a gradually rising price, or even auctions, and creators will also have access to staking solutions bringing added value to tokens or NFTs via the platform.

Just-in-time IMOs

Create and offer your NFT collections without minting anything before it is sold.

Connect your initial minting offering (IMO) to an auction or your custom shop and let your customers mint upon purchase.

Cocktails, farming on steroids

Launch your own “farms” and allow your customers stake any Coin or NFT for a period of time to get another Coin or NFT in return.

Adapt the conditions to your needs, such like requiring various staked “ingredients” (like several different NFTs or Coins) to be staked.

Have your own Shop!

Minted Vodka also aims to ensure ease of use, with a “Shop Wizard” planned to walk creators through the creation of their own space on the platform for them to market and sell their NFTs. If there are any questions, then the friendly and active community will also be able to help any creators in finding their way. Other tools are planned to ensure that technical barriers to enter the world of NFTs are removed, and to open the space to anyone with a creative idea.

Minted Vodka offers all this functionality with very reasonable fees, and these fees can even be lowered or even removed when the GAT Network’s GATe token is used in deals.

Custom shop wizards

Create your own “shop” and sell your NFTs with the same flexibility as the deals:

Any chain/network, any collection, any contract type, different pricing modalities, volume discounts, temporary promotions and much more!

Minting 2.0

Beyond this flexibility, functionality, and value, Minted Vodka is also supporting and advancing new ways to view NFTs, and to bring additional value to what they offer.

NFTs don’t need to be simply art or tokens to be used within games, they can have value as representations of physical items or services for exchange, or distributed applications such as stand-alone playable games.

Digital art, but on steroids

Create custom, transferrable collections. Fixed-size or inflatable. Pre-minted or minted on-demand through your initial minting offering (IMO).

Your collection is directly bridgeable to all the chains/networks supported by MintedVodka.

Game minting and piracy protection

Launch unmodifiable web-based games that only the NFT holders can play. Fine-tune the game experience depending on the NFT or any additional tokens/NFTs that the player holds.

Web-games minting is the first step towards integration into native mobile and desktop apps and games.

Claimable NFTs for real products

Sell your products as cNFTs – which can be bridged and freely traded on any chain. Access worldwide customer base and be paid instantly, while offering custody of the items. The owner can claim the product by burning the token.

Precious metals and jewelry, real paintings, unique or mass-produced clothes or luxury products. Cars, plots, collectibles. Any real product can be connected and managed as a digital token.

Claimable services

Just like with the real products, you can “mint” your services, be it a deliverable ticket or semi-fungible item like an “hour” of your time. You define conditions like expiry dates, delivery locations, etc.

Claimants can rate your service, increasing your reputation and trust over time.