What is Minted Vodka?

Minted Vodka is GAT Network´s next-gen, non-escrow, multi-chain NFT marketplace. But it’s actually more than that. Users can trade anything for anything in any combination. Minted Vodka is currently multi-chain on BSC/ETH/Polygon, and will support other major blockchains in the near future. Besides being a marketplace, it also offers a wide range of services (some of them still under development) and is planned to go live step-by-step through into Q1/ 2022:

  • Initial NFT Offering/Initial Minting Offering.
  • Game Minting
  • NFT minting – meaning other artists/ projects can mint their own NFTs on the marketplace
  • NFT and Token staking (Stake tokens for NFTs or NFTs for tokens etc.)
  • Multichain NFT wallet
  • NFT and Token bridge between supported networks
  • Auction and Bulk deal features
  • Mystery boxes