GAT Network

…is a p2e / NFT Gaming ecosystem and has been founded in early 2021 by a team which is fully doxxed and runs a registered company in Germany.

GAT Network´s ecosystem is live and running since May and all our DApps are audited by Solidity Finance (audit reports linked below).
GAT Token is limited to 1,000,000, deflationary and still a small marketcap gem…

In contrast to meme coins with pump & dump mentality – GAT Network is meant to be a longterm project with organic growth. After a sold out IDO at Bakery Swap and CEX listings we are funded for some years of development.

So far we launched several p2e NFT Games, an NFT Marketplace, (Minted Vodka) our GAT Token (limited to 1,000,000 / small marketcap/ deflationary) and Game Ace – the world´s first NFT playable as standalone retro video game!

Ecosystem overview:

NFT Gaming + DeFi + Marketplace + GAT Token

GAT Network is an ecosystem for fully on-chain gaming & trading – with collectible NFTs that are backed by real value! The core of the network is composed of:

  • NFT Gaming – play Alchemy Toys with many ways to profit
  • NFT Gaming – our second p2e Game “Alchemy Arena” is in public alpha testing at the moment
  • NFTs – trade the highly collectible Toys that are used in the Alchemy Toys Blockchain game
  • NFT Exchange – powerful & flexible marketplaceMinted Vodka
  • GAT Token – limited to 1,000,000, deflationary, small marketcap
  • DeFi – Earn BNB as reward for staking your GAT!
  • Game Ace -the world´s first NFT playable as standalone retro video game

Our vision is a set of connected “fair collect & play games” that are fully on-chain and offer the users multilayered game dynamics & economics.

You are free to join the network with your own on-chain project!