When reading the material on this page and getting involved with the corresponding DApps, please make sure you read, understood and accepted the following disclaimer . Otherwise you are kindly asked to leave and not to get involved.

Terms / Concepts

  • Team – (creators and maintainers of this website) and all the affiliated team members.
  • UIs – frontend web-sites and -applications applications developed by the Team that form part of the GAT Network, currently:
    • GAT Network (this website) : https://gat.network
    • Alchemy Toys (AT) : https://alchemytoys.com
    • Minted Vodka (MV) : https://minted.vodka
    • Alchemy Arena (AA) : https://alchemyarena.com
    • GameAce (GA) : https://gameace.at
  • Products – UIs, smart contracts, backends and contents created and published by the Team in scope of the official GAT Network operations.

This is not financial advice.
The Team is not qualified to give any financial advice. Always do your own research. The content published on the Products should be viewed foremost in the scope of gaming.

We do not deal with any fiat money.
In most countries cryptocurrencies and tokens are not recognized as financial instruments. Therefore, all the uses of words/concepts like “finances”, “economics”, “currency”, “profit”, “trade”, “yields”, “fees”, “payouts”, “money”, “liquidity”, “auction”, “$”, “treasury”, “coins”, “pay”, “sell”, “buy”, “value”, “cost”, “monetary”, “market”, “invest”, “rewards”, “APR”, “APY”, “ROI”, etc. are to be understood as symbolic terms in the scope of a game.

A total loss is possible.
As with anything related to crypto and DeFi, please make sure you understand that you are dealing with risky, new and volatile concepts here. You should only play with tokens that you are prepared to lose.

The UIs offer only an interface (an access point) to the decentralized DApps deployed on the blockchain. Other maintainers can create and offer their own user interfaces to connect to the DApps. The Team offers the UIs as a free-of-charge service.

No gambling.
The Alchemy Toys (AT) and Alchemy Arena (AA) DApps primary purpose is to provide unique NFTs, that can be collected and traded (like baseball-cards). The AT & AA DApps also offers a way to the players to use these collectible cards to play among them a game following a set of pre-defined rules. You are not required to play the game, you can simply collect and/or trade. There is also no element of chance (no uncertain outcome of a prize dependent on pure chance). There is no promise of any winnings nor prizes, although, under certain concrete conditions that do not involve chance, players are able to unlock some of the BNBs that they locked in the AT Dapp treasury in exchange for NFT minting. The Team does not offer any gambling activities to the public, only a free-of-charge access point to the smart contract deployed on a blockchain. The Team does not profit in any way from the NFT collection or game-play that the users may get involved in on the UIs.

No guarantees nor warranties are given – at all.
Once the smart contracts are deployed, they usually cannot be changed anymore. They are open for everybody to analyze and to decide upon their validity. The Team offers absolutely no warranty whatsoever regarding the correct functionality of the provided software. Furthermore, no warranty is given regarding the correctness nor completeness of the information nor functionality of the UIs nor any other Products.

The UIs do not collect any user data. Only anonymous statistical data is collected, if you click on “I understand” in the cookie-consent at the bottom of the page.

Updates to Terms of Service.
You agree to periodically check and confirm this Terms of Service in order to continue using the Products.