GATe Growth Fund

1,000,000 of the relaunched GATe tokens are part of the Growth Fund (same wallet/address as the former Community Fund).

The Growth Fund is a transparent wallet with tokens that are only used for a set of reserved purposes / uses that would help us grow the ecosystem over the next few years. All uses are documented and communicated transparently to the community and the holders.

The reserved purposes/uses are:

  • Top tier CEX listing (e.g. Binance) — provide tokens for listing
  • DEX Liquidity Pools – provide basic liquidity on different chains
  • Key strategic partnerships (e.g. use tokens for special joint-venture events)
  • Key strategic marketing (e.g. as rewards/giveaway on strategically crucial marketing events)
  • Key investors [long-term locking]
  • Reward system (we plan to add/improve rewards systems — especially in Minted Vodka — that incentivize activity over the next months/years)
  • Challenges / Giveaways (smaller amounts of GATe could be used in continuous engaging marketing events)
  • Incentives for new core team-members (we plan to grow and would like to offer token payments to the new team members — X GATe / month of work in our team)

In any case these tokens shall only be used in the best interests of the GAT ecosystem and their distribution to the market shall be carefully prolonged over a longer time-period — preventing any market-overflow through a sharp increase in circulating supply .