Progressive GAT Price

Progressive Token Sale

Slow, organic token distribution

Alchemy Toys integrates its own token exchange where you can buy GAT for BNB. The exchange contract has a linear progressive price model. The very first token costs 0.000005 BNB. And the last, millionth, token would cost 0.05 BNB. The idea behind this is to use fair market valuation = allow the market to find a solid price organically, even if it takes many months. As we add

  • more features,
  • more DApps,
  • more GAT use-cases;
  • and as those achieve more and more users,
  • and as GATs are burned in deflationary use-cases,

the GAT will become more valuable and scarce. This will justify higher prices and the available GATs will continuously shrink on the exchange.

The exchange works one way only. If you want to sell your GATs, the current option is to use the community Pool at PancakeSwap. We plan to get the token listed on exchanges, however this might still take a while.