Operations & Public Relations

Anne studied business administration in Germany and graduated in 2007. Afterwards she worked for major German and Japanese companies before she started to work self-employed in the IT business in 2010.

She is a certified Scrum Master and has over 10 years experience in business operations. Therefore she is responsible for finance, accounting, contracting, legal affairs, project management, social media and public relations. Also she is all ears to the community of Alchemy Toys.


Telegram: @anne_gatnetwork

Discord: anne_AT#7314

Backend & Frontend Development

Roman has been working in the banking sector before becoming self-employed as a software developer over a decade ago. With nearly two decades as a senior software developer under his belt, Roman knows his way around a variety of technologies.

Roman is most known in the crypto-space for his significant contribution to the IOTA community. At GAT Network he takes care of the biggest part of the core development.


Telegram: @romangat

Twitter: @romansemko

Discord: RomanGat#5643

Frontend Development & Marketing

Vitaly has studied business administration and worked in retail and banking sectors before becoming self-employed in IT as a software developer more than a decade ago. His current focus lies in frontend development. In his free time Vitaly is involved in indie game development, pixelart and game design.

At GAT Network he takes care of front development, the website, marketing and finances.


Telegram: @witwit7

Twitter: @dev_wit

Discord: wit#1906

Corporate Design & UIX

Phil holds a B.Sc. in Computer Science and did his thesis in User Interface Design and User Interaction Design. He first came in contact with crypto in late 2017 and is fascinated from its tech and potential use cases ever since.

At GAT Network he is responsible for the creation of information and marketing material, supports the administration of the websites and social media channels, maintains customer and partner contacts and oversees the corporate design. Also he takes responsibility in partnership negotiations and strategic decisions.


Telegram: @philcutz

Twitter: @philcutz

Discord: phil#8987

Lore ipsum

Strategy & Communications

Peter studied Computer Engineering, graduated in 1999, and immediately went to work in telecommunications. After five yeas he became self-employed and since then he has worked as an IT operational process specialist.
He has a strong general knowledge of technology and is comfortable discussing technical issues at all levels. He is often called upon to facilitate exceptions and situations requiring urgent and critical response.
In his free time, he volunteers for a youth organisation. Peter become involved with the GAT project during the initial testing of Alchemy Toys and has contributed ideas and suggestions for the project since those early days. He has also been very active in the project’s community from the start. He is now a strategic consultant for the team, helping to grow the project for the future.


Telegram: @Pete4GAT

Twitter: @Pete4GAT

Discord: Pete4GAT#3208