Minted Vodka: The NFT Exchange

Trade TOYs and other NFTs/coins in any combination !

A dedicated NFT Marketplace is provided to players to facilitate trade. You can also use other platforms or trade other NFTs on Minted Vodka as well.

Minted Vodka is created as a flexible NFT Marketplace. You can sell any ERC721-compliant NFT here. You are also able to swap NFTs. In the near future a proper minting will be provided. The trading comes with a flat trading fee.

Minted Vodka has a special relationship with Alchemy Toys. Most fees gathered for trading flow automatically into the game’s treasury ! A part of the collected trading fees will serve as a reward for GAT stakers.

This adds interesting dynamics to the game, if you also consider further factors like:

  • TOYs gain value with time.
  • TOYs have an intrinsic collectible value.
  • TOYs value also follow game epoch cycles.
  • TOYs are irreversibly destroyed in different game actions.
  • Turn fees can fluctuate depending on the market cycles.
  • TOYs will be used in other upcoming games.

… we get a myriad of possibilities for speculation and unique lucrative trading strategies !