What is GAT Network?

GAT Network consists of several connected NFT trading & gaming projects centered around the next-gen, multichain NFT Marketplace Minted Vodka and the deflationary, multi-use-case Game Ace Token (GAT/ GATe)

The project started in early 2021 with 3 founders, who have worked closely together for over a decade. They have their own software development company based in Germany. Throughout the years, the team has helped other blockchain projects and developers with critical infrastructure development, like IOTA.

What does the participation in the Binance Labs Incubation mean for the project?

GAT Network was recently accepted into Season 3 of the highly esteemed Binance Labs Incubation Program. Binance seeks blockchain entrepreneurs, projects and communities that may be able to solve and improve on the technology available today. Through this program, Binance Labs provides support in different ways for the most promising projects, to help them reach their full potential. GAT Network is 1 of 9 projects that Binance found the most promising out of thousands of applicants. Recent incubated projects in this program from season 1 and 2 were among others: Polygon, Perpetual Protocol, Injective Protocol, SafePal, Cere Network, and Dune Analytics.

Where can I stake GAT?

You can stake your GAT at the shamans vault. They have to remain untouched for a whole epoch. From the next epoch on you (and other stakers) share 20% of the Temple Treasury.

There are also other staking events happening regularly here, like Cocktails farming and others!

More staking opportunities are coming soon.

Where do I find the Whitepaper?

You can find the download of the Litepaper here:

Have GAT Network’s dApps been audited?

The GAT token itself as well as our dApps (Alchemy Toys, Alchemy Arena, Minted Vodka) have been audited by Solidity Finance in 2021 (see links below).

Nevertheless we plan a second round of audits of our dApps by a leading audit provider in 2022 to demonstrate our commitment to transparency and safety.

Where can I check the Tokenomics?

Please find a detailed tokenomics overview and all important information here:

What is GATe? Why is it neccessary and what are its Advantages?

With the launch of GAT the team have been incredibly generous with the distribution of the token, making it available to investors and users of the platform, but to be completely honest this has left us with limited resources for future growth of the ecosystem.  It soon became apparent that there were some very special and unique opportunities on the horizon that would require the versatility of an increased token supply.

Owing to this the team has announced this new growth fund from the distribution of GATe (GAT extended) to be able to take full advantage of these opportunities, including key investor programs, tokens for top tier exchange listings and liquidity, strategic partnerships, marketing campaigns, and of course being able to continue to reward our community via challenges, reward schemes & giveaways.

Thankfully the supply increase was well received and welcomed in the community which can be judged from the positive price action after the announcement.

The immediate circulating supply will not change as the new tokens from GATe will be distributed slowly and gradually (or have long term locks) to ensure that there are no sudden price shocks.

What is Minted Vodka?

Minted Vodka is GAT Network´s next-gen, non-escrow, multi-chain NFT marketplace. But it’s actually more than that. Users can trade anything for anything in any combination. Minted Vodka is currently multi-chain on BNB Chain/ETH/Polygon, and will support other major blockchains in the near future. Besides being a marketplace, it also offers a wide range of services (some of them still under development) and is planned to go live step-by-step through into Q1/ 2022:

  • Initial NFT Offering/Initial Minting Offering.
  • Game Minting
  • NFT minting – meaning other artists/ projects can mint their own NFTs on the marketplace
  • NFT and Token staking (Stake tokens for NFTs or NFTs for tokens etc.)
  • Multichain NFT wallet
  • NFT and Token bridge between supported networks
  • Auction and Bulk deal features
  • Mystery boxes

What are Game Ace NFTs?

Game Ace is a truly unique and a disruptive way of reinventing NFTs. GAT Network has created the world´s first playable NFT as a standalone retro videogame.

The first Game Ace, “Doggies Moon Chase”, was developed in collaboration with BakerySwap and CryptoDoggies, and is based on the retro game Flappy-bird. Since then 3 more Game Ace have been developed:

  • Crypto-snake (Snake based)
  • Missile Commander (of the same name) &
  • Crypto Invaders (based on Space Invaders)

These Game Aces are each limited in supply (mostly 555, and all fewer than 1000). Even within the same game, every Game Ace NFT is unique, with different combinations of:

  • backgrounds
  • characters
  • sounds
  • game physics etc

GAT Network´s TOYs even offer cheats and power ups (some secret) to the games, where having the appropriate TOY in the same wallet as the Game Ace NFT will enable these power-ups and cheats.

What is Alchemy Toys?

In this p2e game each player must collect all 127 unique NFTs levelled 1-7 – called TOYS.

Get them by:

  • Worshipping (minting 3 random TOYS of level 1-7) &
  • Melting (burn 2 toys for a higher-level random TOY).

These 127 different TOYs must be Sacrificed (Burned) to achieve enlightenment, and you ascend to Godhood, winning the game.

Each game-round allows several different actions required for someone to ascend to Godhood.

Each cycle lasts 8 hours within which each player has 5 turns. Each Worship, Melt or Sacrifice action is 1 turn.

What is Alchemy Arena?

The Arena is the second game GAT Network has introduced, and revolves around the TOYs that you can mint in Alchemy Toys, as well as Special TOYs. Most of the Special TOYs are limited and not mintable.

Each player creates a HAND comprising 5 TOYs, where the HAND’s strength is calculated by the TOY’s level, serial number and special abilities (only Special TOYs have special abilities).

Players then randomly challenge other players (PvP) and earn staking rewards as long as their HAND is active.

What are Toys/Special Toys NFTs?

First we need to distinguish between Special Toys and (Game) Toys. Both are unique NFTs.

Game Toys (or just “Toys”) have a function in the Alchemy Toys Blockchain Game.

Special Toys are highly collectible and also have a function in Alchemy Arena or in Game Ace.

More information and how to evaluate you find here:

Are there airdrops or giveaways?

We constantly have different kind of giveaways – make sure to check this page regularly for ongoing events:

What’s on the Roadmap?

Please find a detailed Roadmap overview and all important information here:

Contract Address and other important links?

Resource Link
PancakeSwap Liquidity Pool Link
BakerySwap Liquidity Pool Link
MEXC Global Link
PooCoin Price Charts Link
CoinMarketCap Info Link
Token Network / Chain Address Description
GAT BNB Chain 0xf315cfc8550f6fca969d397ca8b807c5033fa122 Legacy coin of GAT Network
GATe BNB Chain 0x41d5c3ed01b72ecb5c99d3b838553098ecda9ef9 “extended” cross-chain GAT coin
GATe Ethereum 0x0A199B98fF450bBc883671382B21BDA3FA44b4Ae “extended” cross-chain GAT coin
GATe Polygon 0xEC0a873cdBE667E5bD68AF47932c948f872032d6 “extended” cross-chain GAT coin
TOYs BNB Chain 0x14a62860de2Fdec247D48780ed110DBB794545d8 GAT Network NFTs for playing & collecting
XP BNB Chain 0xf7d2b88cdfcc3a12452c76be7455fe1fa7f48852 Experience Points (currently Arena only), coin
GA BNB Chain 0xff473df96251acffb0ae06fdaa51d33f1dafff7c GameAce NFT Cartridges
GA Ethereum 0xAA18e408A1806AA3aAACf4eDB7418534D612D1f0 GameAce NFT Cartridges
GA Polygon 0x55c000c100488624C2F6b43cFc0f680d2657933b GameAce NFT Cartridges