GAT Network Update *October*

A lot happened in October – if you didn´t had the time to follow GAT Network´s activities closely here is a retrospective for October:


Cross-chain GAT and NFTs: Bridge to Ethereum and Polygon goes live

We have added 3 initial networks to the bridge: Binance Smart ChainEthereum and Polygon. Other networks can be added fast and with relatively low effort in the future. Ethereum and Polygon were selected to allow our NFTs to be sold on OpenSea, which supports both networks. Since Polygon is more than 1000x cheaper than Ethereum, we expect that most of the assets will be bridged there.

Currently, there are two assets enabled for bridging to test the infrastructure:

  • the “Game Ace” cartridge NFTs.
  • the “wrapped GAT” (or “WGAT”) BEP20 coin, which is a wrapper for GAT.

Both assets can be bridged in any direction across all the currently enabled networks. Be aware that the cost to bridge an asset (apart of the gas fees to start the bridging) differs depending on the target network.

The first Game Ace cartridges have been bridged and offered for sale at OpenSea!

What Minted Vodka features would be possible with this bridging technology ?

  • Bridging of other coins and NFTs to/from other networks (initially EVM-based networks like Ethereum or AVAX)
  • Making GAT bridgeable to other networks (cross-chain coin as a “wrapped” WGAT)
  • Additional use-case for GAT: all bridging has a GAT fee involved
  • Foundation for potential cross-chain trades on Minted Vodka (e.g.  you offer an NFT on network A [bid], but want X coins on network B in return [ask] )

Read the full article on the bridge here

Medium Blog

GAT Network is at Medium now – check it out and follow


Minted Vodka Roadmap: Part 1

Read full article on our vision for Minted Vodka here

Focus on Minted Vodka NFT Marketplace

For the next months we are going to focus on the development of our NFT Marketplace “Minted Vodka”

Our NFT Marketplace Minted Vodka has always planned to be the center piece of the ecosystem. Over the past 3 months trading volume on Minted Vodka has been around 600,000-800,000 USD.  (An exact value is hard to determine, given the flexible nature of the trades – you can trade an NFT for an NFT whose value is hard to estimate)

In the next months we will focus on the development of our NFT Market. Important features like

  • NFT wallet
  • auctions
  • Mystery Boxes
  • bulk deals
  • NFT minting
  • Game minting

and more will be available and attract new users. Of course we will keep an eye on new use cases for GAT in this context.

And also growing traffic will mean more fees that flow into the Alchemy Toys treasury as you know.

Read more on the strategy for Minted Vodka here


NFT Staking:
Second Game Ace available exclusively for GAT holders

“CryptoSnake” is the second Game Ace Cartridge – 555 of these NFTs have been minted

At Minted Vodka GAT holders were able stake their GAT and earn the NFT. It was very popular – over 30% of all existing GAT were staked and all NFTs have been harvested in a few weeks.

In November the next NFT staking will start: GAT holders can stake their GAT for the next Game Ace:

CryptoSnake Challenge

Some of you are already having fun with the second GameAce game “CryptoSnake“, that was available for staking GAT at MintedVodka (or by buying it directly on the market, if you are impatient).
To make it more fun, we have decided to start another GameAce challenge!

The first player to reach 400 points in the game will win the “Doggies Moon Chase” NFT Cartridge #100001 !

Read all details here

New core team members

In October 2 new Core Team Members joined GAT Network! We are happy to welcome Phil and Pete!

Both have been around since the early days of GAT Network and supported the project as Mods.


Roadmap update

Our roadmap got some new milestones. Make sure to have an eye on the roadmap since we will add features regularly. You find it at the main page of our website (scroll down a little). We try to put items on the public roadmap that can be delivered within a few months + some major topics. The rest is at an internal roadmap to avoid too much competition 😉

New GAT use cases

Together with new roadmap items come new use cases for GAT:


Just to let you know: Lately GAT Network bought back GAT for 20 BNB. We will probably continue to do so whenever there is a good opportunity. No financial advice 

Alchemy Arena

In October Pete conducted a survey in the community in order to shape new Arena configurations. The survey has been evaluated carefully and as a result a new Arena will launch in early November!

Activity challenge

During September and October the Alchemy Arena Activity Challenge was ongoing and ended October, 31st – 6,000 GAT can be won! The winners will be announced in early November.


Our website became pretty slow from all the content and information we provide there. Thanks to some maintenance it is lightning fast again

Make sure to visit it from time to time – there you find all you need to know and much more then we can fit into our social channels


Giveaways + Contests

As usual there are several contests and giveaways ongoing or about to start. You find an overview on the giveaways here 



You want to learn more? Read our last monthly update here



Background information

Gat Network is a web of connected NFT trading & gaming projects – launched in early 2021 by a fully transparent team/company in Germany.

We have already launched several projects live on BSC (fully audited):

  • Assets Exchange Minted Vodka – trade anything for anything
  • Alchemy Toys – p2e game
  • Alchemy Arena – p2e game
  • TOY NFTs – collectible NFTs used in all games
  • GAT – limited, deflationary, low-cap, multi-use-case token
  • Game Ace -the world´s first NFT playable as retro video games

GAT Network is funded and has a long-term cross-chain vision for NFT trading & gaming centered around GAT and the highly flexible Minted Vodka exchange. We refrain from hypes and pump & dump mentality and concentrate fully on building great technology and on organic growth.

Start here is you want to learn more or watch a Video to get an overview.


Contract address GAT:

CEX: please check this link for the current CEX listings

Liquidity: Pancake Swap / Bakery Swap



Telegram Info:

Telegram Community:

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