How to evaluate the worth of Toys NFTs?

There are several ways to profit from Alchemy Toys:
You can play for the Treasury, you can stake your GAT or you can collect and sell the Toys NFTs.

A lot of new Players and Collectors entered Alchemy Toys lately. An important question in this context is:
How much are Toys NFTs worth?

We would like to help finding fair prices and due to that a positive experience for Players and Collectors.
The worth of a Toy NFT is of course also a matter of perspective. But in contrast to most other NFTs they can be evaluated approximately.

First there are the creating costs (in case you minted them yourself and not bought them. If you bought them you know exactly how much you spent.). If you want to sell Toys that you minted yourself you might want to know what that has cost you. On this topic there is a whole Blogpost you can read here.

No matter if you want to to consider creation costs or not when selling a Toy – there are more indicators to evaluate Toys.
Especially helpful when you want to buy Toys and are not sure of their value. Let´s take a look at these indicators:


First we need to distinguish between Special Toys and (Game) Toys. Both are unique  NFTs. Game Toys (or just “Toys”)  have a function in the Alchemy Toys Blockchain Game. Special Toys are purely collectibles at the moment (but we plan to give them a use in future games).

Let me explain (Game) Toys first. Further below you will find everything on Special Toys.

Toys NFTs (Game Toys)

When it comes to these Toys we recommend to check 3 indicators to find a fair evaluation:

serial number (#)



How you can do that I will explain:

There are 127 different kind of Toys. (Also a few functional Toys you receive automatically during the game). You can find a complete overview on all Toys here at the Toys Stats. The Toys are used in the game. But even if you don´t play the game you can collect and eventually sell them to players/ collectors.

 Each Toy is unique. This means there are many Yellow Submarines (picture above) – but they have an incremental serial number (#). This makes them unique and this also is an important aspect in the game. Players have to sacrifice these Toys to win. If there is more than 1 winner the treasury is split among them according to their sacrifice index. This is the sum of the serial numbers of sacrificed Toys. Lower index means that the player has sacrificed an older collection and is thus eligible for a bigger cut of the winnings.
Means older Toys (= lower serial number #) are more valuable!

Since constantly new Toys are minted, serial numbers are rising. What is a new Toy today will be an old Toy some weeks/ months later. At the Toy Stats mentioned above you can also check which is the highest existing serial number at the moment.

In the below example the highest serial number at that time was #282 (blue box).

Meaning if you want to buy/ sell a Toy – #280 should usually be cheaper than #105. Remember players who want to win need as low serial numbers as possible.

This is how the serial number helps you to evaluate a Toys´ worth.

Next aspect is the level. In the above example it´s level 1. There are 7 levels. Higher levels are harder to get in the game. That´s why a higher level Toy usually has a higher worth.

1. Level: 64 different toy types
2. Level: 32 different toy types
3. Level: 16 different toy types
4. Level: 8 different toy types
5. Level: 4 different toy types
6. Level: 2 different toy types
7. Level: 1 single toy type

Next thing you should check is the rarity in the Toys Stats, which is a dynamic indicator. It is the pink number in the above example. The higher this number, the higher the rarity. At our marketplace Minted Vodka you can always make counteroffers if an offer doesn´t seem a good deal to you.

Rarity is calculated by dividing total minted Toys of this kind by still existing Toys of this kind (part of the minted Toys are burned in the game). In the example 282 Pirate´s Eye Patches have been minted but only 140 still exist. The rest has been burned. 282 divided by 140 = rarity 2,01…

The rarity changes due to the game dynamics. Make sure you check it whenever you want to sell/ buy a Toy NFT.

–> Means: if you sell Toys, you have minted yourself, you could calculate the minting cost and further evaluate them according to serial number, level and rarity.
If you want to sell Toys you did not mint or buy Toys it can be enough to evaluate them by serial number, level and rarity (and maybe add the price you paid yourself when buying the Toy).

Now let´s jump to the…

Special Toys

You can get such Special Toys for example by using a hidden recipe:  Like “The Dragonslayer”  – melting 2 Golden Dragons you will receive a Dragonslayer automatically.

Since hidden recipes are part of the game logic, those Special Toys are not limited. Their serial number (#) increases each time they are minted.

Yet most Special Toys are limited. The maximum supply is written on the card.

Unlike the game´s toys they are marked with a trophy symbol instead of level number next to the serial number (#). Also the lower end of the Special Toys is black.

Evaluating their worth you can check how many of a Special Toy exists (mentioned at the card). Dragon Slayer is unlimited because this Toy is part of the game logic. That is why the Dragonslayer can be evaluated similar like the Game Toys (read above).

Over time more Special Toys will appear (63 different types in total). One way to get them is winning a Challenge or get an Airdrop… Sometimes they are also available at the Marketplace…

You can find a list of Special Toys here – new Special Toys are added as soon as they issued.

If you have any questions left we invite you to join our Discord or Telegram



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