What is Minted Vodka?

Minted Vodka NFT Exchange is a new generation marketplace for NFTs and crypto assets without curation.

A place where everybody can trade any BEP721 (NFTs) and BEP20 (coins) assets available on the network with total flexibility: use any combination of any crypto-asset on any side of a trade – bid or ask.

Have the smart contracts been audited?

Yes, the smart contracts have been audited by the trusted service provider Solidity Finance. The results are positive and you can read the full report here  https://solidity.finance/audits/MintedVodka/

Where can I get help?

If you have questions or issues we invite you to join our Discord or Telegram Group – you will find friendly, helpful people there.

Which fees have to be paid by users?

There are absolutely no listing-fees.
For a successful trade only a flat fee has to be paid no matter the volume of your trade: currently 0.014BNB. When using GAT in a deal, no fees are paid at all ( = Premium Deal).

Apart from that you pay only the network fees to Binance Smart Chain for transactions.

This means you never pay more than 0.014BNB + network fees to BSC. If you use GAT in your deal, there are no platform fees at all, only network fees.

What are Premium Deals?

If a user offers GAT (and nothing else) OR if a user demands GAT (and nothing else) in his deal, the trade is automatically marked as premium. Premium Deals DO NOT cost you any platform fees – only the network fees for Binance Smart Chain.

What is special about the Search Engine?

You can create complex queries to find exactly what the user is looking for. All the search queries can be saved in a custom queries list, which can be modified, duplicated, shared and used later for even quicker searches.

What kind of deals are possible?

 Minted Vodka provides a highly flexible Deals Engine: Trade anything for anything in any combination ! This allows other types of trades apart from the usual sales. For example: bundling, swaps, sophisticated bids and counter-offers

Swapping: exchange one NFT for another NFT, same collection or completely different ones. Example: Swap TOYS #3 Straw Phoenix for a $DOGGY

Bundling: since a deal is an NFT itself, it can be traded on Minted Vodka. Whoever owns the deal token, owns the items offered in the deal. Hence it is possible to create multi-asset bundles simply by creating a new deal (with astronomically high demand, for example), and trade/transfer it to someone else. Be it off-market or on any other NFT marketplaces.

Bidding and counter-offer: Simply create a new deal where you demand an offered item from another deal.

What about Minting?

Minting will soon be possible – a liberal minting concept of “initial minting offering” (IMO) is in development, scheduled for release in August 2021. This will bring several new deflationary GAT use-cases.

Can I stake my GAT at Minted Vodka?

GAT owners will be able to participate directly in the revenue of the NFT Exchange (all collected fees will flow to either the Alchemy Toys game treasury or Minted Vodka stakers)

I created a custom deal – is there an expiration date or it stays there forever until I cancel?

It stays forever until it´s canceled.

What is the of tipping the bartender?

It´s kind of a tip and flows completely into Alchemy Toys Treasury

To be continued…