Gamified Token Distribution

Users play for your tokens !

Alchemy Arena is an engaging fully on-chain battle game, where users play using the TOYs NFTs. It has an active component where users challenge each other, but also a passive component, where the users benefit from being a part of an Arena by staking Hands (similar to classical token farming). Arenas can be configured to match your token and your objectives.

Both, NFTs and coins, can be used as passive staking rewards. Coins can be used as entry fees and active challenge rewards. Entry fees that can be partially split into:

  • Active challenge rewards
  • Affiliate share
  • Burning
  • Your share

Arenas bring an engaging and fun way to distribute your tokens.

Distribute Tokens With Your Own Arena

GAT Network can setup a custom Arena of your brand for distribution of your own token (coin or NFTs) and use our channels to reach a broad audience of players. The fact, that players have to compete for your tokens, gives it already additional value in the eyes of engaged users.

This is the process to open your own Arena:

  • Due Diligence / KYC – Fill out the form about your team and your project/token

  • Review – our Team will review you request and contact you with possible questions/feedback

  • Setup Arena – our Team will setup an Arena in close coordination with you and your distribution preferences (possibilities explained below)
  • Arena Promotion – we will coordinate and run a promotional campaign on our channels

  • Arena Launch – your Arena is launched  and users start to play/compete to get your tokens

  • Arena Tuning – depending on the gameplay some Arena Configuration can be adjusted along the way

Arena Configuration

Arenas are very flexible and thus allow a variety of configuration possibilities. Below you have a quick overview. Do not worry, if some options are not completely clear to you – you can fill the form as best as you can. We will help you with the rest.

  • Passive Staking Rewards – What type of tokens do you want to distribute (fungible coins or an NFT collection) ? Which amount ? What are the daily staking rewards per HAND ? These are the tokens that active players get for simply being in the Arena.
  • Entry Fee – What coin and what amount should be used as staking fee? A part of this fee is something that winners can get in an active challenge.
  • Entry Fee Split – How do you want to split the entry fee ? Usually the biggest part should go into challenge reward (e.g. 90% of the entry fee is won as loot by the winner of a challenge) to incentivize gameplay. A certain part can go to affiliates, burn address or your own address.

There are also further configuration options regarding the gameplay. If you are already familiar with TOY NFTs and the Alchemy Arena, you will know some of these concepts. In any case, we will help you to find the most optimal setup. There options include: challenge HAND limit, Special TOY restrictions, random vs weakest TOY loss, randomness component in challenge outcome, etc.

Fees & Conditions

Special agreements are possible depending on the case.

Make sure to read our general Terms, especially the part about lawful content / uses.