Drop your own NFTs + create a use case for your Token

Provide an interesting staking opportunity for your token holders & bring NFTs to your community!

You are looking for use cases of your token to entertain your community and the holders of your token? You want to give a staking option for holders of your token that might prevent major sales of your token by the holders?

Why not provide an NFT farm? This way you can join the NFT hype at the same time!

Let your community stake your token to receive NFTs that are related to your project. If you need support to create/ mint these NFTs we can help with that, too.

Other cocktails/combinations are possible, too:

  • Stake Coins, Earn NFTs

  • Stake Coins, Earn Coins
  • Stake NFTs, Earn Coins

  • Stake NFTs, Earn NFTs

Open your own farm at Minted Vodka

  • Due Diligence / KYC – Fill out the form about your team and your project/token

  • Review – our Team will review you request and contact you with possible questions/feedback

  • Farm Setup – our Team will setup your Farm in close coordination with you and your preferences

  •  Promotion – we will coordinate and run a promotional campaign on our channels

Fees & Conditions

We are currently offering farms at Minted Vodka free of charge to selected projects!

Make sure to read our general Terms, especially the part about lawful content / uses.