Play the NFT-game on a new level

Use innovative gaming NFTs for your brand!

GameAce is a technology for creating world’s first NFTs that you can actually play as retro video games. You may know NFTs as images, videos, music – now you can have NFTs as playable game cartridges – the first of its kind. A piece of NFT / crypto history.

Several games have already been released: like Doggies Moon Chase or CryptoSnake. Every game cartridge, even for the same game, is unique: each one offers a slightly different gaming experience to the players!

We offer this technology to our partners to collaborate on the release of new games. Depending on your aims, several focuses are possible here, for example:

  • Promote your brand (create a retro game with your brand)
  • Revenue through NFT sales (on Minted Vodka or other markets)
  • Use these NFTs as giveaways, marketing tools or staking reward

GameAce NFT cartridges are cross-chain!

GameAce NFTs meet the NFT standards BEP-721/ERC-721 and can be traded on other NFT marketplaces beyond Minted Vodka.

Minted Vodka offers a bridge for the users to move these NFTs from one chain/network (currently BNB Chain and Ethereum are supported).

Launch your own NFT game cartridge with us!

Don’t create just another NFT collection of images – create something different and unique with us!

  • we suggest to mint between 50-999 NFTs
  • minting can be done on BNB Chain or ETH (afterwards users can bridge the NFTs using Minted Vodka NFT exchange)
  • every cartridge of your game will be unique to increase collectible value (small details change for every player/cartridge)
  • you can suggest the retro game that like ( simple casual games take about 3-4 weeks to develop )
  • The first GameAce game sold 665 NFTs (1 BNB each) within 1 hour; the release price depends on
    • your brand
    • the distribution channel
    • marketing tools used
    • minted amount
    • game
    • target network
  • in any case, our primary objective on any GameAce drop is to sell/distribute all minted NFTs (except those reserved for later giveaways or marketing)

Please contact us below, if you have questions or feedback!

Fees & Conditions

Standard revenue split for GameAce drops / sales:

  • 30% brand / sponsor
  • 30% promoter / distributer (market place and/or primary marketing channel)
  • 30% developer (GAT Network)
  • 10% affiliate / facilitator (business developer, who organizes a deal, if any)

However, special agreements are possible depending on your particular case. Also: GameAce cartridges may also serve other promotional purposes and be distributed in other ways. Let’s talk!

Make sure to read our general Terms, especially the part about lawful content / uses.