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GAT Network

The complete multichain toolbox for NFTs – we invent the future of NFT trading & gaming!

Gat Network is a web of connected NFT trading & gaming projects – launched in early 2021 by a fully transparent team/company in Germany.
GAT is centered around Minted Vodka the next-gen crypto-assets marketplace and NFT toolbox:

  • Non-escrow
  • Multichain / Cross-Chain
  • Claimable NFTs
  • All-around flexible deals
  • Mystery Boxes
  • Multichain NFT Wallet
  • On-demand Minting
  • Game/Software Minting
  • NFT bridging/wrapping
  • targeting a quick onboarding of many EVM Chains

Around MintedVodka, GAT Network invents, builds and connects on-chain gaming experiences. 3 popular projects have been built and released since May 2021:

We are sharing our experience and know-how in the field of innovative on-chain gaming and offering collaboration/services to other projects. We develop easy-to-use multichain tools for indie game developers and other NFT creators: to create, manage, trade and distribute their creations in gamified ways.

Binance Incubation Program
Binance Incubation Program
Alchemy Arena 6,000 GAT Challenge!


Upcoming awesomeness!

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Telegram GAT News Channel

2021 Q1/Q2

2021 Q3

2021 Q4

  • Bridge Launch – bridge and play GameAce NFTs to Ethereum and Polygon; GAT becomes cross-chain (WGAT)

  • New Core Team member (1) – more manpower for GAT Network from an experienced person to advance the project

  • New Core Team member (2) – more manpower for GAT Network from an experienced person to advance the project

  • GameAce #4 – launch of “Missile Commander” retro video game
  • Business Development – establish a Business Development team

  • GameAce #3 – launched/ready, will be distributed in January
  • Multichain MV2 – refactoring of MV to MV2 for highly flexible multichain features

2022 Q1

  • NFT Wallet – launch of a personal wallet on Minted Vodka to display/manage own (trusted) NFTs

  • MV2 new UI – refactoring of MV user interface for more intuitive an powerful user experience with new features

  • GAT / GATe – launch GATe with Growth Fund

  • Auctions – create deals as auctions on Minted Vodka (upgraded deals system)

  • Mystery Boxes – create your own Mystery Boxes on Minted Vodka

  • Bulk Deals – create recurring deals on Minted Vodka to sequentially offer/sell a list of items

  • GAT Network Web Relaunch – relaunch our landing page with new design

  • Binance Demo Day – Prepare & showcase GAT Network achievements at Binance

  • NFT Minting – mint your NFTs on Minted Vodka

  • Initial Minting Offering (IMO) – create mint-on-demand NFT sale/auction events for new NFT collections
  • Game Minting – GameAce technology used to mint and deploy your own games (or other software) as executable/playable NFTs
  • GameAce #5 – launch of a new retro video game
  • GameAce #6 – launch of a new retro video game
  • Game Minting Hackathon – organize a hackathon for indie game developers using the Game Minting technology
  • Partner Arenas – we are looking for partners to launch/farm other tokens in Alchemy Arenas

Community Overview

Channel Description
Twitter Official Twitter channel
Official GAT Network Telegram Info Channel Telegram GAT Network Info Channel
Official Telegram Minted Vodka Info Channel Telegram Minted Vodka Info Channel
Discord Official Discord Server (many channels for other languages)
Telegram (English) Main Channel Official Main Telegram channel, moderated
Telegram (English) Price Discussion Official price discussion channel, not moderated
Reddit Official Reddit community, community-moderated
Telegram (Chinese) 中文志愿者群组 Chinese main Telegram channel, community-moderated
Telegram (Chinese) Info Group 资讯汇总 Chinese info Telegram channel, community-moderated
GAT Network Tutorial (Chinese) 中文区教程 Community-managed Tutorial (GitHub)
TOYs Trading TG channel (Unofficial) Unofficial Telegram channel for TOYs trading, community-moderated
Spanish Telegram Group (Unofficial) GAT Network Español
Vietnamese Telegram Group Vietnamese TG Group (Unofficial)
Turkish Telegram Group (Unofficial) GAT Network Turkish

If you have opened a related community (for example in your language), please let us know and we will add it to the list!



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