user-friendly and innovative


trade for low or even zero fees by using premium deals


many EVM-compatible blockchains will be implemented very soon


a place where anybody can trade any NFTs or coins available on the network


use any combination of any crypto-asset on any side of a trade – bid or ask

The crypto-assets exchange

No curation: a place where anybody can trade any NFTs or coins available on the network.
Total flexibility: use any combination of any crypto-asset on any side of a trade – bid or ask.
Cross-chain ambitions: steadily becoming a fully cross-chain service provider

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Watch this video to learn what is special about Minted Vodka and how you can benefit from it!


Existing and upcoming features of Minted Vodka – GAT Network’s core DApp

  • Flexible Deals Engine – trade anything for anything in any combination
  • Powerful Search Engine – Search by all attributes & use deal details for custom packs

  • Flat Fee – No listing fees, BNB 0.014/deal for successful deals

  • Premium Deals – No trading fees, if GAT is used exclusively on any side of a deal (bid or ask)

  • Cocktails / Farming – highly flexible farms where coins or NFTs can be staked to earn/farm coins or NFTs

  • Bridge – Bridge for GameAce NFTs and WGAT to other networks (like Ethereum and Polygon)

  • GAT Swap – Swap your GAT back/forth to WGAT (for cross-chain bridging)

Minted Vodka (MV) is the absolute centerpiece of GAT Network. It’s long-term vision is to become a rich fully cross-chain crypto-assets exchange. We focus our main effort on adding powerful features in the coming months. Please note that this is the envisioned road today. Not all of these items are planned on our public roadmap yet – we may need to adjust to opportunities and market conditions along the way!

  • NFT Wallet – display and manage all the NFTs in your wallet

  • Auctions – create deals as auctions

  • Mystery Boxes – create your own Mystery Boxes

  • Bulk Deals – create recurring deals to sequentially offer/sell a list of items

  • Other Networks – enable other networks on Minted Vodka (Ethereum, AVAX, Polygon, …)
  • NFT Minting – mint and deploy your own NFTs

  • Initial Minting Offering (IMO) – create mint-on-demand NFT sale/auction events for new NFTs/collections

  • Game Minting – GameAce technology used to mint and deploy your own games (or other software) as playable/executable NFTs

  • MV Featured – use GAT to book banners (or other promotional tools) on Minted Vodka (MV)

  • MV Staking – staking service for GAT holders to participate in MV revenues

  • Private Deals – create deals that can be viewed and/or accepted by certain parties only (that match different conditions)

  • Claimable NFTs – a step to connect the world outside of crypto to the NFT dynamics (in a myriad of applications)
  • Cross-chain Deals – create deals with items on both sides of the trade (bid or ask) that exist on different networks/chains

Minted Vodka runs on GAT

Users need GAT for most of the features offered by MV

For most of the offered MV features fees are collected and paid in GAT. These fees are then distributed to:

  • Financing of MV operations (service, maintenance, development, etc.)

  • Alchemy Toys game treasury

  • GAT stakers at MV
  • Burn address

Please be aware that this is a planned treasury set-up. Currently 100% of the collected BNB fees are sent to the Alchemy Toys game treasury.